U-Beaut Shellawax And UltraShine Polish

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In my quest to find the perfect finish… ah, it’s every woodworker’s dream… but seriously, as I mentioned in earlier posts I’m in the process of trying different finishes so I picked up the double whammy combo of U-Beaut’s Shellawax Cream and EEE-Ultra Shine.

These products give a finish that looks like a French polish that brings out lights and grain in the wood. It adds a whole new dimension to a turned item in a matter of seconds. Sounds too good to be true, but it is. They were initially designed for use on high end, exhibition, museum, gallery and collectors quality, woodturned items.


Shellawax Cream is a friction polish that also doubles as a buffing polish. On the lathe it gives a brilliant shine in seconds, can be handled immediately, is non toxic and water resistant. On woodcarvings and flat surfaces it gives a rich deep shine in a matter of minutes. It is a fusion mixture of pharmaceutical grade white shellac and a number of highly refined, non-toxic waxes with a shelf life of several years.

EEE-Ultra Shine is a cut and polish paste wax containing Tripoli powder, an ultra fine abrasive. The polish is designed to be used in conjunction with the Shellawax Cream.

To use them first prepare your wood well. You should sand to at least 400 grit for a reasonable result. The best results are obtained when sanding is carried through to 1200 grit or more. The higher grit sandpaper you use before using EEE the better your finish will be. If you sand to 1200 grit and then use EEE you will get about the equivalent of sanding up to somewhere between 2000 & 4000 grit depending on the material you are sanding.

Once the wood is sanded, and with the lathe off, apply an even coat of the EEE-Ultra Shine with a clean soft rag. Then with the lathe on work the wax over the surface. Then, with another clean rag, buff the surface.

Follow this with an application of the Shellawax Cream. With the lathe stopped quickly apply an even coating to the wood surface with a clean rag. Turn on the lathe and with the cream moistened portion of the rag apply a steady heavy pressure while slowly moving the rag over the entire surface. This heavy pressure is required to create the friction to make the polish shine.

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