Some Spiffy Spurtles and Spatulas

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Here’s a grand example of some spurtles and spatulas that I made for a recent craft show:

Spurtles and Spatulas

As you can see, they have been spiffed up a bit by adding some color to their handles. They are all made of Maple and approximately 12″ in length. The handles are finished with acrylic paint and several coats of Sasdura. The paddles have a couple of coats of mineral oil applied.

As you may remember, I started making spurtles a few years ago (see here) when I made them as family Christmas gifts. Since then I have been making them quite regularly.

The spatulas are a relatively new addition to my treen wares and kitchen utensils. I started making them a while ago after I was given one by a woodturning friend of mine (see what you started, Doug! ;)). However, the fever really took hold after the Michael Hosaluk demonstration I attended earlier this year.

Here are some more photos:

Scottish Spurtle
Wooden Spatula
Kitchen Utensils
Treen Ware
Wooden Spoon

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